Keep track of your babies progress

Our staff take extra care when it comes to your baby


Our services include the following:

* Regular weighing
* Growth & development assessments
* Safe immunizations against childhood diseases
* Support and advice on the care of your well baby
* Introduction of solids

Book an appointment at one of our clinics:

Netcare Olivedale Hospital
Life Wilgeheuwel Hospital
Life Flora Clinic 
(Mayo Clinic 4)
Fourways Life Hospital
Intercare Wilgeheuwel
Intercare Fourways

In order to provide the best services to you and your little one, please adhere to the following:

* Weigh your baby one week after discharge on the clinic's weighing days.
* No appointment needed for weighing.
* On your 1st visit please register & obtain your baby's membership card.
* Registration fee: R200.00.
* With every visit, please bring baby's clinic book & membership card.
* Please book the 6 weeks immunization visit well in advance.
* We follow Public and Private immunization schedules.
* We offer Governmnent vaccines free of charge when available.
* A consultation fee is payable immediately and you can submit the statement to your medical aid.
* We are able to claim from certain medical aids. The vaccines will be claimed by the practice.
* If your savings are depleted or if the medical aid responds that only a partial amount will be paid, you will be liable for the difference together with the consultation fee.
* If you cannot keep an appointment or if your baby is ill, PLEASE cancel the appointment within 24hrs if possible.


Mother and Baby Clinic