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Covid-19 Safety Message

Covid-19 Safety Message

Given the daily changes that the COVID-19 outbreak is creating in our communities, we want to reassure you that our Baby Clinics are continuing to do our part to provide access to essential childhood immunization and Well baby Clinic services.
As always, our mission is to ensure that you and your families get quality service and the answers you need when you need them most.

The safety of our patients and staff is our first priority, and we are following the WHO, DOH and CDI guidelines, to ensure that we can safely provide essential services to you.

To keep the clinic and staff as safe as possible, please adhere to the following:
• Don’t come if:
- you’ve been in contact with any person who tested positive for COVID 19
- you have a temperature over 37.3
- you have a sore throat
- you’ve lost sense of taste and smell
- anyone of your household members has flu symptoms.
- Please cancel your appointment and reschedule in 2 weeks’ time.
•  If any household member tested positive for Covid 19, PLEASE isolate your family for 14 days.
• Only 1 parent to accompany the child and to enter the clinic.
• Please come on time.
• Rather wait outside the clinic.
• No mask, no entry.
• Sanitize your hands on entrance.
• Your temperature will be taken.
• If temp is below 37.3 you will be allowed into the clinic.
• If temp is 37.4 – 37.8 - you will be asked to wait outside for 15 – 20 min.
• If temp remains over 37.4, the appointment will be rescheduled in 2 weeks’ time.
• Try to keep your child on your lap – no running around.

We rigorously spray and wipe down surfaces between clients and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we take these extra precautions to provide the safest environment possible for all who visit and work at our Clinics.
For any questions and to schedule an appointment please call the Baby Clinic.
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